Approach & Technology

Athenese DX in partnership with CTK Biotech in San Diego, California, USA has developed simple, low-cost diagnostic tests to quickly detect infection, cancer, and cardiac damage to simplify and sharpen correct diagnosis in healthcare settings. No expensive detection equipment or specialized training is required to conduct these tests or interpret the results, which makes the device ideal for generating a qualitative yes/no answers for detection of disease.

After evaluating a number of technologies such as lab-on-a chip devices, integrated systems, and automated equipment that can carry out multiple analyses in quick succession, we decided to exploit lateral flow technology that is currently used in a number of tests. These are intended primarily for the infectious disease market and home test kits. Our strategy is to incorporate new levels of manufacturing automation and the symptom-based panel concept as well as an experienced management team into this well-established technology and re-create the model of a successful POC diagnostic company. Such a panel device will be inexpensive, portable, and require no specialized training or instrumentation for its use, making it an ideal solution for disease detection in low- and middle-income regions throughout the world.

We established our corporate office Athenese-DX Private Limited (“Athenese DX”) in Chennai and started accumulating the sales & marketing team in 2014. Athenese DX obtained 32 NCD and 11 semi-critical disease diagnostic kit import licenses from the DCGI, India. Our operations in importing CTK products started immediately. In 2015, we obtained manufacturing license for production of Rapid Tests range – TRUSTline and ELISA range – TRUSTwell and have started sales in India with the sales of ELISA instruments.