Fully-Auto Chemistry Analyzer

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ALTA Fully-Auto Chemistry Analyzer

Product Features

Product Features:

  • User friendly, 200 test / hour with double reagent
  • 80 reagent positions & 40 sample positions
  • Automatic liquid level sensing, anti-collision protection
  • Integrated fully closed optical system, multi wavelength simultaneous detection
  • New amorphous optical plastics reaction cups, perfect transmittance


Technical Specifications:

General information
Machine type Random access, closed / open system
Test speed Constant 200 tests/hour (Mono reagent or double reagent)
Test principle Colorimetric method, turbidimetry
Test method 1 point end, 2 point end, Fixed-Time, Kinetics
Calibration type Linear & nonlinear
Sample unit
Sample tray 40 sample positions
Sample tube Micro cup , test tube & blood collection tube can be used.
( ? 12 -13 )mm * ( 25 – 10 )mm
Sample volume 2-30?L, step by 0.1?L
Sample probe Liquid surface detection, timely tracking for liquid volume.
Collision avoidance
Reagent unit
Reagent tray 80 reagent positions (40 for R1 & 40 for R2), Non-stop
cooling system with peltier pad inside, 24 hours 2 °C-14 °C
Reagent volume 20-350?l, step by 1?l
Reagent needle Liquid surface detection, timely tracking for liquid volume.
Collision avoidance.
Reaction unit
Reaction tray 44 reaction cuvettes, new amorphous optical plastics reaction cups, perfect transmittance.
Reaction volume 150?l-330?l
Reaction time 10 minutes
Temperature Peltier pad incubation system, reaction temperature (37 °C ± 0.1 °C)
Mixing system
Mixer paddle-type mixing, effective reducing of carry-over
Optical system
Light source Halogen lamp
Wavelength 340nm; 405nm; 450nm; 505nm; 546nm; 578nm; 630nm; 700nm(4 more options)
Absorbance range 0-4.0 Abs
Resolution 0.0001 Abs
Operating system
Operation system Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Data processing Automatic calibration, test combination, effective time management of reagents, serum index, whole process detection, linear expansion of enzyme, blank deduction,dirty cuvette memory, cross infection prevention, patient information memory and association input, automatic report audit, data fuzzy query, report statistics and printing, reference range grading, alarm information classification, user operation privilege classification management.
Report printing 6 formats optional, support custom pattern
Interface TCP/IP network interface
Working conditions
Power supply AC 110/220V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz, 650W
Water consumption 8L/hour(maximum)
Dimension 780mm * 565mm * 1120mm(L*W*H)
Weight 140kg


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Fully-Auto Chemistry Analyzer

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